How to play Starburst slot machine?

After you have read all the general information about the game and decided to start playing, you should register on the partner’s website. The registration procedure does not take much time. You may also need to verify your account to confirm the age of the user to play Starburst for real money.

Also, every new user can get a welcome bonus Starburst at registration.

After completing these procedures you can proceed to make a deposit to Starburst. You can choose from a wide range of payment systems and currencies. After making a deposit, all you have to do is run the slot you like and start the game.

Withdrawal is available at any time, but the more you play the more chances to get extra gifts from 1win. All of the information about all of the current promotions and available bonuses are on the main page at the bottom of the screen.

If you run into any difficulties, feel free to contact our technical support team. Our support operators are here to help you 24/7.

Starburst tips and strategies

First, decide whether you want to play Starburst for real money or for fun. If you want to play Starburst for fun, the website offers a demo version of the slot. With the free version of the game, you can play Starburst indefinitely and for free.

Starburst for real money

Long-time fans of online casinos choose Starburst slot. There are completely different reasons for this. But the most important is the chance to get great prizes for real money.

Get the real rewards are only possible if you play for real money. Playing for real money is very simple, set the desired bet and click on the “spin” button. You can adjust the bet level you have 10 bet levels to choose from. The higher the bet level you set, the higher the chance of pulling off a decent haul.

You can also adjust the value of your coin, which is set to determine the amount per spin. The smallest value you can set is 0.01. If you are betting with such a low coin value you should not expect to win big money.

In order to increase your chances of winning it is worth increasing the value of the coin. The maximum will be 100. Also Starburst slot functionality has an automatic game that allows you to enjoy contemplating the gameplay.


Here is a unique strategy for playing Leveler. The strategy is to raise your bet by two levels after you lose five times in a row. If you win, you fully recoup all your previous costs.

The second strategy we invite you to familiarize yourself with is called Booster. The idea behind this strategy is that you will raise your bet by one level each time you lose. The maximum bet increase is four levels. If you win, go back to the original betting value.

Our third strategy today is called Jumper. The essence is the same as in the Booster strategy, but in this case you need to raise the bet after winning. In this strategy, you need to return to the previous bet level after losing.

Payout range of the slot in 2023

To get the winnings it is necessary to wait for the winning combination. At least three symbols should be lined up in a single line. The table below will help you figure out what winnings what combination will bring.

Symbol3 on line4 on line5 on line
Pomegranate stone15x40x
GOLD BAR50х200x250x

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