The Mother-In-Law

A big game hunter is persuaded to take both his wife and her mother along on one of his expeditions.

It does not go well.  His mother-in-law is, if anything, harder to get along with in the wild.  And to make matters worse, she won't even abide by camp rules designed to keep the safari safe.

One night after dinner, the hunter's wife realizes her mother is missing.  Panicked, she rushes to her husband and begs him to start a search.

He sighs and together they set out.  Before long, they hear a ferocious growl and come upon a small clearing.  In the middle stands his mother-in-law, backed against thick, seemingly impenetrable jungle brush and facing a huge male lion.

The wife whispers urgently, "What are we going to do?"

"Nothing whatsoever," the husband responds.  "The lion got himself into this mess.  He can get himself out of it."